CHICAGO — DigitasLbi’s “Perceptions Of Care” video campaign for Whirlpool has won rave reviews from ad watchers, after the agency worked with popular web publisher Upworthy to craft the campaign as a pair of videos.

The campaign has generated some hefty social media views. So what was the secret?

“It has a real brand product benefit from an emotional perspective, so, tonally, we felt that Upworthy was a great fit for us,” DigitasLbi’s social content VP Mark Book tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“We worked with them to understand what they audiences want. What does the audience wants from a utility perspective or a value perspective?

“We are all a little bit scared when it comes to going past 30 to 60 seconds. Will it perform well? The pieces of content range from two and a half minutes to three minutes and, from a completion rate perspective, performed exponentially well because we knew that’s what the audience was consuming.

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He was interviewed by Elaine Boxer, director of industry initiatives at the IAB, earlier this month at the Beet.TV video summit about video advertising outside of the pre-roll.  The event was presented by Teads.