First-party data is critical to deliver video content to the right audiences, says Laura Rowley, VP of Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group, a media and marketing company serving women, in an interview with Beet.TV. Meredith has grown its video viewership in the last year to 30 to 40 million views per month across its sites, syndication and on YouTUbe.

The audience development and analytics divisions of Meredith mine data closely to find the right terms and right subject areas for its videos. “If they are doing a holiday shoot in San Francisco for a magazine, my team can piggyback on that, but we don’t shoot behind the scenes video because we know from the analytics that’s not what they watch. They want, maybe, decorating in red and green,” she says and analytics provide that insight to guide production.

Meredith reaches 200 million women across platforms and 100 million of those are digital, she says. About 60% of the audience is comprised of millenials. Meredith has grown mobile views substantially this year, and connected TV is on the rise as well.

Rowley was interviewed earlier this month at the Beet.TV video summit about video advertising outside of the pre-roll. The event was presented by Teads.