SANTA MONICA, CA – Marketers that are working on automating the processes to bring together the creative parts of an advertisement based on a specific audience likely will rely on artificial intelligence technology. The goal is to free people’s time to work on more creative tasks.

“Gen AI helps us to take all those tedious tasks and let the machine run it and let people focus on building the concepts and building the strategy while the machine is doing the rest,” Oz Etzioni, cofounder and chief executive of ad-tech company Clinch, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica.

“You get faster, better execution, and you’re saving a lot of time and achieving a faster time to market with using Gen AI in the process,” Etzioni said.

His company seeks to activate campaigns across multiple media channels so that consumers experience the brand consistently. At the same time, the experience should be personalized as much as possible for greater effect.

“The goal was always to combine all the channels together and have one big activation,” Etzioni said. “At the moment, the way the media is being planned and bought and the way they divide audiences is too fragmented. The reason that we built our platform is, really, that you can actually unify everything through one platform.”

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