The Barrier Is Lower & Fragmented: Finecast’s Harcus On Buying Addressable TV

LONDON – In the emerging world of addressable TV advertising, the dichotomy for buyers appears to be this – the technology makes buying TV cheaper than ever, yet channel fragmentation means doing so remains burdensome. Addressability allows ad buyers to target ads at particular groups of viewers – sometimes even individual households – thanks to […]


How Retailers Can Benefit From Sharing Data: LiveRamp’s Stratton

SAN FRANCISCO – They may have come to regard their own customer and prospect data as closely-guarded information. But retails have plenty to gain from sharing their customer data with other organizations. New software allowing that to happen in a way that respects both user privacy and client confidentiality now promises to unlock those benefits. […]


Marching To The Same North Stars: DISH’s Arrix On Addressable TV’s Moment

At the end of an otherwise “crazy” year, DISH Media sees a way forward after strong momentum in the growth of addressable TV ad sales. In June, DISH Media told Beet.TV it was selling 60% of ads programmatically. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Kevin Arrix, Senior Vice President, DISH Media, says players in an […]


How New York Interconnect Serves The Big Apple On A Plate

It is the joint venture that promises to make 20 million New Yorkers available to advertisers at the push of a button? So, how is New York Interconnect (NYI) – a JV of Altice USA, Charter Communications and Comcast – approaching the growing desire of ad buyers to reach TV viewers across all their screens? […]


Fraud Follows The Money To TV: DoubleVerify’s Woolway

If you thought your connected TV was fraud-free, Steven Woolway has some data points for you. “We identified – just this year, in the first half of this year – 800 fraudulent apps. That was more than we identified in all of 2019,” says Woolway. He should know. As EVP, Business Development, at fraud and […]


Interactive Audio Ads Ready For Tech Platforms: Progress Partners’ MacShane

BOSTON – The history of online audio is a tale of closed-platform listening. But what if the future was interconnectivity with a suite of advanced audio advertising tools? That is what Nick MacShane believes could pan out. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the founder of media- and tech-focused M&A advisory Progress Partners says the […]


CTV Starts In NYC: Experian’s Danaher On TV Targeting Data

CHICAGO – If you can make an ad strategy work there, you can make it work anywhere. It’s up to you – but Brad Danaher recommends beginning your targeted TV ad strategy in New York. With connected and addressable TV technology, marketers can buy ads that reach specific audiences. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


Video Outcomes Can Be Measured: 360i’s Rozen

Dentsu’s veteran 360i agency may have specialist chops in search marketing – but that doesn’t mean the lessons from search can’t be applied to other growth channels. In this video interview, Doug Rozen, 360i Chief Media Officer, says that video no longer has to be used as a top-of-funnel, brand-building channel. Rather, he says, it […]


Programmatic TV Growing Fast, Fighting Fraud: Fox’s Reichner

LOS ANGELES – Despite historically being sold by manual insertion order, ad buyers are now flocking to the programmatic, or automated, sale of inventory. That is according to major-network exec who says buyers are encouraged by technology that puts guide rails and control around the technology. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Abbie Reichner, Programmatic […]


Look Local, Go Granular: How Carat Finds Audiences

It’s never been a good idea to overlook the value of local media when it comes to popularity with audiences and magnetism for ad buyers and it’s proving to be even more significant after the onset of COVID-19. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Angela Steele, Carat USA CEO, says the pandemic has driven up […]


OpenAP 2021: Cross-Platform, Davis Says

Thus far, it has helped harmonize how TV networks define their respective audience segments for use by ad buyers. Now the JV that is OpenAP wants to start piecing together viewers themselves. OpenAP’s first act was all about semantics – unifying how the networks described attributes they make available for data-driven buying. In this video […]


Keep Calm & Advertise On: VAB’s Cunningham

2020 was a difficult year for many companies. But it may also end up being a year when those that were able to invest in marketing created a new foothold that catapulted them toward growth. VAB, an insights-driven organization dedicated to answering marketers’ toughest questions, says it pulled a century of economic data and found […]


Audio Is Turning Up The Volume For Advertisers: Tru Optik’s Wiesenfeld

In the last couple of years, most of the noise about digital ad targeting has been made at the intersection of two channels – video and mobile. But the growth in streaming audio consumption, coupled with the capabilities it affords, is drawing new advertiser interest, reinvigorating an old format. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]


TV Can Catapult D2C Brands: Comcast Advertising’s Rothwell

TV commercials may often seem like they are full of ads for traditional mainstay brands. But TV is now a medium that can drive results even for upstarts, according to a new piece of research. The Halo Effect, a report from VAB and Comcast Advertising’s Effectv, examined direct-to-consumer (D2C) and 50 other brands to discover […]


There Will Be No Single Cookie Replacement: Innovid’s Hogue

One of the great promises of connected TV advertising – delivering personalized messages to individual viewer or households. But, before it can get there, the technology will have to overcome in-built identity-tracking deficiencies at a time when some of the digital ad industry’s foremost identity technologies are disappearing. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jessica […]


Zero-Party, Total Insight: CEO Drews On HyphaMetrics’ New Panel Approach

With so many media measurement solutions in the marketplace, how could there possibly be room for another? Because few of them manage to bring together a consumer’s entire consumption in a unified system, according to Joanna Drews. Drews is the CEO and co-founder of HyphaMetrics, a new measurement solution provider she says will offer a […]


Blockgraph Spreads Its Wings: More Partners, Manningham Says

The company aiming to use blockchain technology to improve the advertising supply chain is itself hoping to add further links to its chain. Blockgraph is a JV of Comcast, ViacomCBS and Charter’s Spectrum Reach that uses the technology behind Bitcoin to enable privacy-compliant sharing of digital ad transaction and effectiveness data between partners. Now it […]


‘Paradigm Shift’: Starcom’s Jackson On The New Dawn Of Identity

CHICAGO – The new ways in which audience identity are having to factor in advertisers’ playbook will prompt ad buyers to take on new duties that previously were handled for them. That is the view of one agency executive who sees the key theme of 2021 being all about filling the identity gap. In this […]


Listen Up: Kegelman’s Spotify Puts Multi-Platform User Data To Work For Advertisers

“Reach people as they cook, study, travel, work out, stream what they love.” That is Spotify’s sale pitch to advertisers. The music and podcast service clocked 185 million monthly active users supported by advertising in Q3 2020 – 31% up on the prior year – as it made €185 million from advertising, equating to a […]


DSPs Need Full Transparency:’s Prioleau

FORT WORTH – Connected TV has the ability to target TV ads at the household level – but, because households in a given area are often similar, often what that means is that ad buyers target local areas by proxy. That is reigniting the practice of local ad sales, even for national brands that, previously, […]