Adobe’s Flash Video to Play on Mobile Phones, New Transcoding System to be Unveiled This Week at 3GSM in Barcelona

View a transcript of this interview The Flash video ecosystem has has become the most widely deployed platform for streaming video on the Web.  Video sharing sites, news organizations, governments, institutions and many others use the platform.  Most of Adobe’s installed base, some 80 percent, are using Flash 8 and/or 9.  Beginning this year, Flash […]


Mainstream Media Must go Multimedia or Perish, says Tony Perkins of AlwaysOn — “,” Documentary about the Dotcom Boom is On Google Video

View a transcript of this interview Tony Perkins is a pioneering publisher from Silicon Valley who launched Upside, then Red Herring magazine.  I met Tony in 1999 when my firm handled PR for Red Herring.     We also handled his 1999 book about the looming dot-com collapse, "The Internet Bubble." You should read Tony’s column […]


Obama Beats Brownback 450,000 to 8,000 in First Viral Video Foray: Joe Trippi Explains New Media Strategies of Democrats and Republicans

View a transcript of this interview Both Senators Barack Obama and Sam Brownback announced their candidacies for President last month using a web video clip.  Both used a Flash video player that can be shared on different sites. This utility allows any Web site or blog to display the video. Views of the Obama clips, […]


News Alert: Walt Mossberg, New Face on Beet.TV (Well, Sort of) — Wall Street Journal Unlocks Videos for the Blogosphere…….

Beet.TV has discovered that Dow Jones, the publishers of The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch and Barron’s, has provided the public with the ability to take the embedded code from video clips on the Wall Street Journal site.  To view the videos, you don’t need to subscribe to the WSJ.  You can grab this code by […]


Washington Post Co’s Mark Whitaker Says “Video is the Next Great Frontier” in Journalism — Beet.TV Goes To MIT Tomorrow: Chillin’ by the Charles with Henry Jenkins…….

View a transcript of this interview Mark Whitaker is one of our most celebrated journalists. Having lead Newsweek as its award-winning editor in chief for eight years, he was recently tapped by the Washington Post Company (parent of Newsweek) to head new initiatives for the Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive.  The online division also includes Slate. I […]


Bud.TV Blocks Hollywood Reporter Blogger…But He Sneaks In By Using His Dad’s ID!

Bud.TV, the $30 million online video channel produced by Anheuser Busch, launched today. Although the channel is not completely beer-focused, the company has implemented a rigorous registration process to keep visitors under 18 out of the site.  The system cross-references zip codes and driver license registrations.  Steve Bryant, 29, blogger of the Hollywood Reporter’s "RealPop" […]


Veoh Founder Declares: Future of Video on the Web is “Internet Television”

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Here the second interview with Dmitry Shapiro, the founder and CEO of Veoh, a popular video sharing site. The site provides both streaming Flash video and large downloadable files distributed via a peer-to-peer network. One major differentiator of Veoh is that it provides a downloadable application […]


Bud.TV’s Monday Launch is Emblematic of Big Advertising Switch Online, Declares AdAge Editor-in-Chief Scott Donaton — New York Times Magazine Features “BrewTube” this Sunday….

View a transcript of this interview Scott Donaton has been at AdvertisingAge for nearly 20  years — starting out as the magazine beat reporter and now editor in chief.  He’s seen the gradual migration of advertising from traditional media to online and anticipates a big acceleration this year. Scott told me that the Bud.TV online […]


Online Video Sharing Sites Battling Various Lawsuits, Hollywood Reporter’s RealPop Finds

Google,  YouTube, Grouper, Veoh and MySpace are facing several copyright infringement cases, according to a report by Steve Bryant, who authors the essential ReelPop, the blog about the online video business published by the Hollywood Reporter. Steve did a bunch of research and has published information about several pending cases.  Of course we at Beet.TV […]


Jarvis Goes Deep with Clue Train Manifesto’s David Weinberger on Folksonomies, Tag Clouds and Blogging Ethics….

  Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Jeff Jarvis the vlogger! With his great video coverage of Davos under his belt, I asked him to handle some interviews for Beet.TV at the AlwaysOn conference in Manhattan this week. Here Jeff has a talk with Harvard’s David Weinberger, one of the co-authors of […]


Microsoft Set to Take On Flash in Online Video with New Player Code Name “WPF/E” — New Player will Be Viral with Embed Code

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the introduction of Microsoft’s Expression — the new suite of multimedia authoring tools.  Some industry observers see this as frontal assault on Adobe’s popular software.  Here at Beet.TV we have been quite interested in video aspects of Expression and […]


Online Video Looms Large in HP’s Ascendancy, Satjiv Chahil Tells Beet.TV

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Satjiv Chahil is one of the tech industry’s most respected marketers. His work at Apple, Sony and Palm have been widely admired. For the past two years, he’s been at HP where he is head of consumer marketing. Under his rein, HP has become the world’s […]


Huffington Post is a Hot Media with the Right Formula, VC Investor Eric Hippeau Explains

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview I was at the packed AlwaysOn On Media Conference in Manhattan today.  It was wonderful to see my old friend Tony Perkins running his first Always On conference in New York and making such a success of it.    Tony was the founder of Upside and […]


Veoh Growing Fast with 4 Million Users — And Many Videos Will Be Seen in High Quality on TV Screens

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Dmitry Shapiro, founder of Veoh, told Beet.TV that there are 4 million unique users on the fast-growing video sharing site.  And, unlike most video sharing sites, which just stream Flash files, Veoh also provides downloads of high quality files via a peer-to-peer platform. I think the […]


YouTube/NBC Link-up Hits its Groove as Conan iPhone Spoof Cops 1.6 Million Views in Just Two Weeks

Last June, NBC entered into an alliance with YouTube to provide selected video clips to be posted on the popular video sharing site.  It was crafted to promote NBC programming, the deal provides NBC with its own channel on YouTube. For at least one show, it’s working quite well. A clip from the Conan O’Brien […]


Amazon Powers Diversion Media, the New Online Video Content Company Launched by MTV Veteran Nicholas Butterworth

View a transcript of this interview Just few months ago, Jeff Bezos announced the expansion of as a web services company, meaning that the infrastructure that made Amazon’s such a global success would be made available to small businesses.  Well, that appears to include online video start-ups too. Beet.TV has learned that at least […]


Forrester Report: Consumer-Generated Video Uploads Takes Off — Consumer Trust of Peers Trumps Media and Marketers

We all know that consumer-generated video has been surging — and that’s thanks in large measure to the legions of folks who upload all sorts of things from backyard stunts to televisions clips.  The number of viewers of clips far out outnumbers the people who upload them.    But, the number of uploaders is increasing […]


News Alert: Beet.TV Loses Editor to NBC — Bye Kate, You Are Awesome!

It’s farewell to my buddy Kate Lyon who has been an important part of Beet.TV since we launched last spring.  She’s interviewed guests, booked and edited segments.  She joined my firm in ’05 after graduating from Dartmouth.  Well, Kate’s been hired away by nbbc, the new online video business which is majority owned by NBC […] Brings User Generated Videos and Revenue to Blogs and Web Sites

Click To Play View a transcript of this interview Most forward-thinking bloggers and Web publishers know that they need to use more video.  Whether it’s a college, business, political campaign or media property, video must be part of the offering.  With the advent of broadband and faster video programs, consumers want video and there is […]

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