TechnoratilogoIn an effort to bring more accurate third-party metrics to blog traffic, Nielsen Net/Ratings has begun to gather demographic data from visitors to Technorati in the form of a pop-up questionaire which takes about 10 minutes to fill out.

Just this past Friday, I met with Nielsen’s Scott Ross who spoke about the need for accurate metrics.  His comments are in my post of yesterday.

The questionaire covers a number of questions about age, income, famly, buying habits and recommendations and Web interests.

This is all part of Nielsen’s effort to broaden the "panel" of viewers who visit blogs and web sites.  Unlike television viewers who are paid to have a Nielsen meter attached to their cable box, there is no payment here.  It’s just a one-time query with no tracking.

Here’s a page from survey.  I found it when I was perusing the Beet.TV "reaction" page of Technorati.  And, yes, I filled it out.

— Andy Plesser 

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