The escalating demands of bandwidth for online video is posing a challenge and an opportunity for companies that deliver this content. 

Big content delivery companies who distribute the files over global networks of giant servers, companies like Akamai, Limewire and VeriSign, are incorprorating peer-to-peer protocol to distribute content more effectively.  Even Microsoft is getting into the P2P video distribution field with the pending introduction of Silverlight.

Today, my colleague Janko Reottgers at NewTeeVee published a really good round-up.  And, I think he’s got a pretty scoop about Amazon providing P2P distribution as part of its web services offering.  (Smart video publishers like Diversion Media are using Amazon to distribute its videos.)

A pioneering company in this field is BitTorrent.  In fact, many of the companies who are using P2P video distribution including Amazon and Pando, use a BitTorrent platform.

I’ve republished (above) an interview with BitTorrent president Ashwin Navin. This was first publshed in May

Democracy Player Becomes Miro

This is an interesting development in how users can use an open source video player to view and organize videos from different sources.  This story appears in MasterNewMedia.


— Andy Plesser

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