How cool is this:  YouTube is allowing users to create custom players with a selection of colors, layouts and names.  This is an important development for content creators large and small who want to create an identity on YouTube.

Here’s Beet.TV, the "purple channel," in purple!

Like my esteeemed colleague Duncan Riley wrote about this development in his post from early this morning on TechCrunch, I am having trouble resizing the custom player to fit on Beet.TV.  We hope to fix that later today.  (Update 7/21 The player can now be properly sized.)

I’ve uploaded above a chat with Scott Ross from Nielsen/NetRatings about important new ways Nielsen is tabulating Web site visits. To see Scott’s interview with a full image, visit the play page.

Beet.TV Clips on the iPhone!

In another develpment for Beet.TV and YouTube, our clips can now be viewed on the iPhone.  We understand that just over 10,000 clips have been made available on the iPhone and we thrilled to be there.  Works fine, better if you have a good connection with AT&T.  Here’s a demo below:

— Andy Plesser

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