Well, we’ve finally got around to creating a video podcast for Beet.TV and it’s great. We’ve been uploading our videos to Blip.TV, which provides a very nice quality Quicktime video for the iTunes player. 

(Actually my summer intern, my daughter Becky, who will be a sophomore at Colgate, has been uploading our some 300 Beet.TV clips and metadata to Blip.  Nice work, Becky!)

The New York Times has a big story today about the challenges of the audio podcasting industry.  One of the smartest guys we know, Forrester senior analyst Brian Haven tells The Times that video podcasting is an unfulfilled opportunity:

Mr. Haven said publishers are “dying to get more involved with advertising and podcasting, especially if you include video, but they just don’t know how.”

John Furrier, CEO of PodTech, has some interesting commentary: He says there are business opportunities in podcasting that Timesman Bob Tedeschi missed in his story.

Well, Beet.TV is up and running.  To sign up, just download iTunes to your computer, for free. Then pull up the home page of Beet.TV and hit the icon on the top of the home page that reads: Beet.TV in iTunes.  Bingo, you’ll be set.  You won’t find all the archives, but you’ll grab a some great ones — including my interview with Forrester guru Charlene Li.

Of course the video don’t have the text annotation that you read here, but the podcast is a very nice way to create a library.  And, the videos look pretty darn good when they are expanded to full-screen mode.  Check it out!

Update/Correction:  The videos on iTunes have all the original blog post text.  Just the little "i" on the right side of the file listing and there you go!

Andy Plesser

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