As Programmatic CTV Matures, Marketers Must Embrace Cross-Functional Learning: MAGNA’s Fitzpatrick

The landscape of Connected TV (CTV) is evolving rapidly, with programmatic pathways becoming increasingly populated by premium content. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jean Fitzpatrick, SVP of Performance Partnerships at MAGNA Global, shares her insights on why more high-quality CTV inventory is flowing into programmatic channels and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. The key […]


CTV Must Find Right Balance in Data-Sharing with Marketers: Kinesso’s Jean Fitzpatrick

SANTA MONICA, CA – Connected television is rooted in an ad-free experience, but that’s changing as popular services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video offer ad-supported tiers. Because CTV is digitized, it can more readily adopt automated buying and selling of advertising. “CTV has a big opportunity to learn from the programmatic landscape […]


Harness Media, Data & Technology for Best Results: Kinesso’s Jean Fitzpatrick

LOS ANGELES – Advertisers increasingly need a combination of media, data and technology to improve the outcomes of their campaigns. These tools are especially important as the media marketplace grows more fragmented among connected devices and types of content. “We know not all of our clients are going to want the same thing, and typically […]


Header Bidding Is Unlocking OTT TV Ads: Kinesso’s Fitzpatrick

LOS ANGELES — It took its time to leap from display to video and TV, but now the ad-trading technique known as header bidding convince more connected TV programmers to make ad inventory available to buy programmatically. That is according to one agency exec whose company is rolling up its sleeves. Header bidding is the […]


Next-Level Supply Optimization: Magna Global’s Fitzpatrick

These days, media-buying agencies don’t want to accept cookie-cutting technical solutions. After years in which they felt at the mercy of software platforms, more are now exerting more control than ever over how they find and buy ad inventory. Case in point – Magna Global sets stringent requirements for the supply-side platforms (SSPs) it works […]