Burn The Churn: Adobe’s Tips On Streaming TV Subscriber Retention

SANTA MONICA, CA — Streaming TV is now well past its first innings, that golden year when it seemed like subscriber growth would never end. In the new era of competition and price inflation, many customers are giving up on SVOD or moving between providers, plunging operators into an age you might call the Churn […]


Ad Demand Is Soft While Streaming Inventory Grows: OMD’s Kelly Metz

SANTA MONICA, CA – The U.S. advertising market is showing signs of recovering from a pullback in media spending, but the marketplace is undergoing a secular shift as marketers shift television budgets into streaming. “It’s a very soft marketplace, and there is an influx of inventory in streaming,” Kelly Metz, chief investment officer at Omnicom […]


‘Contextual Audiences’ Spawn Large-Scale Ad Targeting: Seedtag’s Brian Danzis

SANTA MONICA, CA – Privacy laws throughout the world have given consumers more control over how businesses collect and share people’s personally identifiable information. These restrictions have pushed marketers to find other ways to gain insights into people’s media usage, including more information about the content that provides the context for their advertising. “Contextual advertising […]


Retail Media Is About More Than Retail: UM’s Owen

SANTA MONICA, CA — Retail media continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of advertising, as more ecommerce operators light up their digital shelves as ad inventory. But retail media can serve more than just retail, according to one agency specialist in the space. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Amie Owen, US Head […]


From Back Seat To Plate: Uber Advertising’s Khan On New Ad Formats

SANTA MONICA, CA — It is the ride-hailing, food-ordering multi-app. Now it is threading those elements together into an ad experience. In August 2023, Uber announced it hit a $650 million run-rate from Uber Advertising for Q2 2023, with more than 400,000 active advertising merchants. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ashan Khan, Head of […]


Data Underpin Brand-Safety, Ad Viewability Goals: PepsiCo’s Zach Lain

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumers divide their time among multiple media channels and electronic devices, and marketers want to ensure as much as possible that their advertising is being seen alongside brand-safe content. Food and beverage giant PepsiCo recently issued a global request for proposal to gather more information about the shifting media landscape. “Our […]


Tubi’s Secret: Deep, Broad Library With Innovation & Cultural Relevance

SANTA MONICA, CA — In the three years since it was acquired by Fox for $440 million, Tubi has expanded its catalog tenfold. But that’s not the only secret to the TV streamer’s success. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Rotblat, Chief Revenue Officer, Tubi, says the platform is amassing a significant viewership by […]


VideoElephant Runs FAST To Close Video’s Revenue Disconnect

SANTA MONICA, CA — In a market that seems to have its growth curve all sewn up, what could possibly go wrong? According to Brian Cullinane, Chief Revenue Officer, VideoElephant: “The video landscape is evolving, yet there’s a disconnect.” Cullinane’s insights stem from recent independent market research conducted by VideoElephant, a company that has evolved over […]


Gen-AI Creative Will Change The Game In 2024: LG Ads’ Marlow

SANTA MONICA, CA — Connected TV has the ability to create highly targeted ads for individuals and groups of viewers. But that presents an ad creative production scale challenge. Tony Marlow, CMO, LG Ad Solutions, says generative AI next year will come to the rescue in this video interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at […]


‘Open Ecosystem Must Work Together to Compete with Walled Gardens’: Magnite SVP

SANTA MONICA, CA — AI, FAST and UX. Those are three of the acronyms Matt McLeggon thinks are moving the ad industry. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, McLeggon, SVP, Advanced Solutions, Magnite, warns that, to make the best of the new capabilities, the industry needs an open ecosystem to come together to tackle growing […]


Cleaning Up CTV: OpenX Aims To Make Biddable TV Trustworthy

If you want to buy ads on connected TV, do you want to place them in a premium TV show or in a virtual fireplace app? Some think CTV’s inability to distinguish between inventory types on biddable systems is holding back the medium. That is why OpenX, a programmatic advertising technology company, is launching an […]


Dig Into Detail: Experian’s Gilberti Urges Brands To Educate Themselves On CTV Data Journey

Data can play a huge role in the emerging new capabilities in connected TV (CTV) advertising. But brands need to roll up their sleeves and engage with the challenges. That is according to Kimberly Gilberti, Chief Product Officer, Experian Marketing Services. Gilberti will appear at the forthcoming Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2023, in a fireside […]


Beet Retreat Preview with OpenX’s Geoff Wolinetz: CTV’s Future Is in Programmatic Ads

The Beet Retreat Santa Monica this month will bring together leaders from a variety of media, marketing, measurement, data and ad-tech businesses. Geoff Wolinetz, senior vice president of publisher and demand platforms at ad-tech company OpenX, said he’s looking forward to the chance to discuss some key issues such as the need for greater transparency […]


Machine Learning & Retail Media: The Perfect Match – Moloco’s Simon

If new retail media upstarts are the Davids in a battle against tech-giant Goliaths, could machine learning be the sling that helps them topple their powerful foes? David Simon, GM, Growth Initiatives, Moloco, thinks so. Moloco is a retail media platform offering a machine learning-powered demand-side platform (DSP) to ecommerce operators, helping them to open […]