How to Think About Signal Loss Aside From Cookies: Experian’s Chris Feo

SANTA MONICA, CA – A patchwork of privacy regulations worldwide has pushed marketers to be more careful about handling personal information about consumers. The result has been what marketers call a loss of signal, or the diminished ability to gather insights about people’s exposure to advertising and their intentions to buy a product. Signal loss […]


TV Advertising Is Becoming More Performance-Based: Moloco’s Dave Simon

SANTA MONICA, CA – Four companies in the United States this year received 66% of the country’s advertising revenue, data from Interpublic Group’s Magna Global show. Those Big Four – Alphabet’s Google, Meta Platforms, and Bytedance’s TikTok – are pushing other media companies to improve their audience targeting and other performance metrics. “There are […]


Video Publishers Must Optimize for Advertiser Demand: Fireside Chat with OpenX’s Amanda Forrester

SANTA MONICA, CA – Connected television’s roots are in ad-free subscription services such as Netflix, similar to the ad-free channels on cable such as HBO. The business model is evolving as consumers look for ways to cut their spending on streaming and streaming platforms add commercial breaks among their premium content. There are differences, though. […]


CTV Must Find Right Balance in Data-Sharing with Marketers: Kinesso’s Jean Fitzpatrick

SANTA MONICA, CA – Connected television is rooted in an ad-free experience, but that’s changing as popular services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video offer ad-supported tiers. Because CTV is digitized, it can more readily adopt automated buying and selling of advertising. “CTV has a big opportunity to learn from the programmatic landscape […]


Cost-Benefit Analysis Unlocks TV Ad Strategies: Yahoo’s Beau Ordemann

SANTA MONICA, CA – Marketers and media buyers that are weighing the best ways to reach television audiences most effectively are smart to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of their media plans. This process is especially important when making the transition from traditional insertion orders to automated transactions on programmatic platforms. “The marketer wants to understand: […]


Breast Cancer Is Life-Changing, And There Is Hope: Arena Group’s Katie Kulik in Conversation with Adobe’s Denise Colella

SANTA MONICA, CA – American Cancer Society data indicate that the death rates from breast cancer fell 40% between 1989 and 2016, a decline that’s partly attributed to early detection. The trend is encouraging, but it’s not necessarily comforting for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. For media professionals Katie Kulik and Denise […]


Data Clean Rooms & Audience Graph Are Powerful for Brands: Disney’s Dana McGraw

SANTA MONICA, CA – Disney in January for the first time will host its yearly Global Tech & Data Showcase as a live event at CES, the hugely attended consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas. The media giant has built an audience graph that can be matched through a data clean room with customer information […]


AI Has Key Role at Crossroads of Ad Creative & Media: Clinch’s Oz Etzioni

SANTA MONICA, CA – Marketers that are working on automating the processes to bring together the creative parts of an advertisement based on a specific audience likely will rely on artificial intelligence technology. The goal is to free people’s time to work on more creative tasks. “Gen AI helps us to take all those tedious […]


Ad Market Is Soft While Brands Want Flexibility: Initiative’s Maureen Bosetti

SANTA MONICA, CA – Economic uncertainty has led some advertisers to tighten their belts and find ways to get the most out of their media dollars. While there are differences among a variety of industries, marketers also are looking for greater flexibility. “Right now, it is a soft marketplace. There’s a bit of a conservativeness, […]


Media Collaboration Makes Ad Market More Holistic: Spark Foundry’s Lisa Giacosa

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumers are dividing their time among a wider range of media channels and connected devices such as smart TVs, challenging advertisers to better understand how they’re reaching current and prospective customers. Fortunately, the media, marketing and adtech industries are working together on solutions. “We’re finally seeing that collaboration really come to […]


Accurate Consumer Identifiers Underpin Ad Targeting: Paramount’s Travis Scoles

SANTA MONICA, CA – Google last week moved ahead with its long-running plan to get rid of user-tracking cookies from its popular Chrome web browser. The limited test to restrict cookies for 1% of Chrome users is another reminder that advertisers need accurate audience identifiers to improve their targeting – especially as television becomes more […]


Identity Resolution Is Key to Better Ad Targeting: Adstra’s Emily Kistner

SANTA MONICA, CA – Google this year is moving ahead with a significant change to how advertisers track users online, again showcasing how ill-prepared marketers are for the disappearance of a key identifier: browser cookies. The change also underscores the need for a method to improve ad targeting with quality data sources that are transparent, […]


Data Assets Support Identifiers for Ad Campaigns: Experian’s Ali Mack

SANTA MONICA, CA – Privacy regulations in many regions have pushed marketers to be more mindful of how they collect and share consumer data. Some of the rules are an additional hurdle when they seek to use data about their own customers to improve their advertising campaigns. “When you’re looking at the way that third-party […]


‘We Pull Together Best Parts of Omnicom to Help Brands’: PHD’s Mike Solomon

SANTA MONICA, CA – Advertising agencies must continually disrupt their operations amid changes in technology, the media marketplace and consumer habits. For Mike Solomon, who in June 2023 became chief executive of Omnicom Media Group’s PHD USA, agency transformation is key to helping clients with their brand objectives. “I can reach into all the amazing […]


Supply Path Optimization Works Best With Key Audience Data: Yahoo’s Mallory Armstrong

SANTA MONICA, CA – The recent launch of Yahoo Backstage, the internet portal’s service for its demand-side platform advertisers, is part of an effort to provide transparency and what’s known as supply path optimization to brands. Premium video publishers such as A+E Networks, Dotdash Meredith, Newsweek, Raptive, The Arena Group and Vizio are on the […]


Breast Cancer Is Life-Altering, but There Is Hope: Adobe’s Denise Colella in Conversation with Arena Group’s Katie Kulik

SANTA MONICA, CA – The American Cancer Society has data indicating that the death rates from breast cancer fell 40% between 1989 and 2016, a decline that’s partly attributed to early detection. While the trend is encouraging, it’s not necessarily comforting for anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. For media professionals Denise Colella […]


TransUnion Offers The Full Stack As Curiosity Drives Demand

SANTA MONICA, CA — These days, big brands looking to leverage data in advertising have to consider identity resolution, audience building, activation, measurement and analytics. TransUnion wants to offer the whole kaboodle under one roof. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cory Davis, Sr. Industry Executive, Media & Platforms, TransUnion, explains why. Consolidating Providers TransUnion […]


Creative Optimization Boosts Attention to Ads: GroupM Nexus’s Nicola Lewis

SANTA MONICA, CA – Television viewers divide their attention among multiple media channels and connected devices, challenging advertisers to form a lasting impression of their brands. Optimizing campaigns to send the right message to the right audience is becoming a bigger priority. “We’ve set ourselves a very, very lofty target that by 2026, every impression […]


Streaming Ad Market Needs Greater Transparency: Horizon Media’s Samantha Rose

SANTA MONICA, CA – Regular viewers of connected television are familiar with the phenomenon of seeing the same commercial too many times during the same program. They may also see ads that are in the wrong language or seem geared toward a different demographic group. These incidents underscore the need for greater transparency in the […]


AI Helps to Gain Insights Into Audience Data: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

SANTA MONICA, CA – The explosive popularity of ChatGPT, a chatbot powered by generative artificial intelligence, has ignited interest in what the technology can do. For media buyers, a different form of AI known as machine learning is helping to pull audience insights from ever-growing troves of data. Computer programs that get smarter helps “to […]

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