SANTA MONICA, CA — These days, big brands looking to leverage data in advertising have to consider identity resolution, audience building, activation, measurement and analytics.

TransUnion wants to offer the whole kaboodle under one roof.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Cory Davis, Sr. Industry Executive, Media & Platforms, TransUnion, explains why.

Consolidating Providers

TransUnion is the consumer data provider which has emerged to offer a range of audience identity data solutions in the media space, with acquisitions including Neustar.

“Most clients at this point, the trend is sort of to look for a full stack solution, whether you’re a brand, an agency, an ad tech business, or a media platform,” says Davis.

He believes this changing trend is steering the industry towards a more integrated approach that benefits multiple stakeholders in the advertising ecosystem.

Deep Strategic Relationships

In Davis’ view, TransUnion’s approach to data and advertising is characterized by a more strategic relationship with individual brands.

He says: “We’re going to be in a much more strategic kind of relationship with that individual brand related to everything on their first party data, not just this individual campaign, not just this individual channel.”

This strategic relationship is not confined to brands alone. It extends to data businesses, data providers, agencies, ad tech platforms, and media destinations, with the common thread being a focus on the full stack solution.

Curiosity Drives Momentum

TransUnion has acquired several market-leading assets over the years to create a marketing services business that has emerged as a leading provider in a highly competitive industry.

“I think much of the market hasn’t really figured us out yet,” Davis says. “They’ve seen the press, they’ve seen the news, they’ve seen the big stories about the acquisitions, and they’re looking under the hood and really seeing what we’re doing, and everybody’s generally pretty excited about that.”

Looking ahead, Davis expresses his hope for a continuation of the flight to quality around data assets, data quality, and data credibility. He says: “The higher the data quality, the better the outcome for the end marketer and for the consumer that’s experiencing this advertisement that is selling them something.”

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