SANTA MONICA, CA — The question of what constitutes a quality video advertising environment is one that always stirs strong opinions.

Together, the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video and the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) are attempting to clear up the matter.

In November 2023, they unveiled a new “checklist” which helps buyers buy premium TV advertising in a multiscreen world.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Katy Loria, Chief Revenue Officer, FreeWheel, describes the initiative.

The Three-Pronged Approach to Premium Video Advertising

The checklist is divided into three main categories:

  1. Quality environment. “Reducing clutter, reducing latency, upholding competitive separation, these all contribute to the quality environment.”
  2. Brand safety: “We need to uphold a verification process to make sure that ads do not run in front of objectionable content.”
  3. Legitimacy and transparency. “You need to get what you bought. What you buy as planned is what should be delivered.”

Loria stresses that the checklist can extend to various platforms, not just mainstream broadcast or cable television.

Looking Ahead: Direct Connections and Viewer Experience

As 2024 approaches, FreeWheel is focusing on enhancing direct connections and viewer experience in the industry.

“We at FreeWheel continue to be very loud about the importance of the viewing experience. Everything we do should really be first through the lens of the viewer of the consumer,” states Loria.

“We will continue to work hard on making sure that we put the path from the ad to the consumer in as direct manner as possible, pay very close attention to the working media, make sure every ad dollar is doing as much as it possibly can, simplify that path,” she continues.

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