SANTA MONICA, CA – Privacy laws throughout the world have given consumers more control over how businesses collect and share people’s personally identifiable information. These restrictions have pushed marketers to find other ways to gain insights into people’s media usage, including more information about the content that provides the context for their advertising.

“Contextual advertising isn’t necessarily new, but our approach is very unique,” Brian Danzis, U.S. managing director for contextual advertising platform Seedtag, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams at the Beet Retreat Santa Monica. “A better approach is to target people with what they care about, and less about who you think they are, because honestly, most times you think you know someone, you’re wrong anyway.”

Coming To America: Seedtag’s €250M Funding Fuels Contextual Targeting Growth

Seedtag in 2014 was co-founded by Jorge Poyatos and Albert Nieto, two former Google employees, in Madrid, Spain. The company has an artificial intelligence platform called “Liz” for audience targeting based on contextual signals.

Contextual audiences is a simplified way of leveraging our proprietary AI, Liz, to cluster audiences based upon interests, passions and values,” Danzis said. “For marketers that are increasingly looking to align their corporate consciousness with what people care about, this is a way to do that at scale.”

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