‘Contextual Audiences’ Spawn Large-Scale Ad Targeting: Seedtag’s Brian Danzis

SANTA MONICA, CA – Privacy laws throughout the world have given consumers more control over how businesses collect and share people’s personally identifiable information. These restrictions have pushed marketers to find other ways to gain insights into people’s media usage, including more information about the content that provides the context for their advertising. “Contextual advertising […]


Coming To America: Seedtag’s €250M Funding Fuels Contextual Targeting Growth

On the same day Google again delayed phasing out Chrome cookies, a startup founded by two ex-Googlers raised a big funding round to provide an alternative ad targeting mechanism. Seedtag is one of several ad-tech firms whose software reads cues in content to provide “contextual targeting” attributes, considered a replacement for waning audience targeting methods. […]


How Platforms Are Creating New Ad Formats: Spotify, Facebook, Innovid & true[X] Discuss

VIEQUES, PR — The IAB may have a list of standard ad formats, the hymnsheet that the online advertising industry sings from. But ad formats are changing every day. Publishers and platforms go on tinkering with offering new ad experiences in a never-ending quest to push the boundaries and increase consumer attention. But what happens when […]


Spotify Rolls Out New Metrics To Better Define And Target Users

VIEQUES, PR – If you think of music choices as a mirror as opposed to a filter, you can learn a lot about listeners. And you can serve them tailored ads as they “declare” key moments throughout a typical day. Streaming music provider Spotify has no shortage of insights that define its users, as the […]


For Outstream To Grow, ‘Keep It Simple,’ Virool, Genesis and Convert Media

VIEQUES, PR — In a world where there is insufficient supply of premium video to satisfy advertisers’ demand for ads, certain ad-tech vendors have found a way to help, by serving ads in between content. They are already a video paradigm agencies say will be most important to their clients’ portfolio, according to Forrester research commissioned […]


Big Data is Driving Results for Virool’s Global Customers Big and Small

VIEQUES, PR –  Virool, the San Francisco-based video adtech company that provides “outstream” or “in-article” video advertising,  is powering its growth with a data management platform that has 450 million uniques, says Brian Danzis, Chief Revenue Officer, in this interview with Beet.TV He says the company, which had originally focused on building audiences for individual […]


Programmatic Video Platform Virool Focuses on Big Brands in 2015

As programmatic buying becomes more widespread, so do business opportunities for the tech platforms that support this buying style. Case in point — programmatic video platform Virool is aiming to expand deeper into big global brands this year as brands pursue more “advertainment” style videos, says Brian Danzis, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, at the recent […]