SANTA MONICA, CA — It is the ride-hailing, food-ordering multi-app. Now it is threading those elements together into an ad experience.

In August 2023, Uber announced it hit a $650 million run-rate from Uber Advertising for Q2 2023, with more than 400,000 active advertising merchants.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ashan Khan, Head of US Agency Partnerships, Uber Advertising, what’s around the corner.

Growth Areas and Future Plans

When asked about sources of growth, Khan pointed at the company’s efforts to provide relevant content to consumers at the right time.

“We’ve introduced video across the platform, and so that runs both within Uber Eats in our post-checkout placement. We are now testing that within our Journey ad, there’s video within tablets.”

Looking ahead, Khan expressed excitement about further growth with agencies and advertisers. “We are looking at, hey, how do we actually make our audience and some of our segments available to agencies to also layer on some of their data and their insights so they can actually go to their advertisers with a really holistic view of who’s the consumer, what are they doing inclusive of our platform?”

Ride on The Money

Uber now delivers ads via Uber, Uber Eats, Drizly and in-car tablets.

It recently introduced a Sponsored Items format in Uber Eats and a data collaboration with Omnicom Media Group in the US.

Khan says the secret sauce is: “Understanding consumer behavior and what they are doing when they are going somewhere.”

A New Lens on Consumer Behavior

He asks: “That same consumer when they’re on Uber Eats, what are they ordering? What are some of their favorite items?”

Uber Advertising leverages this insight to work with brands to enhance these experiences. An example is the introduction of ‘cart offers’ within the Uber Rider app.

Khan says: “Within the Uber Rider app, a merchant can actually start out with what we call our Journey ad, which is the ad that is in the Rider app, a hundred percent share of voice to the brand.

“They can actually introduce an experience, then helps get that consumer into Uber Eats, give them an offer such as a coupon to actually support their purchase within Uber Eats.”

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