Data can play a huge role in the emerging new capabilities in connected TV (CTV) advertising.

But brands need to roll up their sleeves and engage with the challenges.

That is according to Kimberly Gilberti, Chief Product Officer, Experian Marketing Services.

Gilberti will appear at the forthcoming Beet Retreat Santa Monica 2023, in a fireside chat, ‘Can TV Advertising Keep Pace?’

In this preview interview with Mike Shields for Beet.TV, she has a message for data-curious brands.

The Power of People-Based Data

As cookies fall out of favor, first-party data emerges as crucial. Gilberti believes this shift will drive new innovation, such as universal identifiers and contextual information for targeting.

Understanding the audience is the key to successful marketing, and Gilberti strongly champions the role of people-based data in this.

“Having a really strong base in the ‘who’ and knowing, with a strong level of quality, you’re actually reaching your target audience is really critical to everything that happens,” she asserts.

Data and targeting, an already complex landscape, is becoming even more complicated and fragmented. Gilberti, however, sees this as a challenge to be met with innovation and evolution.

“I think at the end of the day, there’ll be a combination and a curation of sources that will ultimately be used for targeting, for measurement,” she notes.

Asking the Right Questions

But brands should also understand the mechanics behind the scenes, Gilberti says.

“Quality becomes really important,” she notes… “quality of how connections are made, quality of how a particular audience or attribute is defined and determined.”

She encourages businesses to dig into details to ensure that the targeting is precise and not a mere “spray and pray” approach.

“So a bit of additional effort and education I think (is) required there to make sure you’re getting the right outcome,” she concludes.

Experian’s Odyssey

Experian, a provider of consumer data and analytics, is emerging to have a big role in advertising targeting.

The company collects and analyzes vast amounts of consumer data, including demographics, behaviors, preferences, and purchase patterns, to create detailed profiles.

These profiles are then used to segment audiences into specific groups based on shared characteristics. This allows advertisers to target their messages more effectively.

Experian and similar companies have steadily been striking consumer data partnerships with actors in the ad-tech supply chain in order to power ad targeting.

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The Beet Retreat Santa Monica will take place at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows November 15-17. The presenting sponsors are Experian, Moloco and OpenX. Supporting sponsors are Adobe, LoopMe and Uber.