According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, US connected TV (CTV) ad spending will near $30 billion in 2024.

But that amount could go higher if the industry can give the market certainty and security over the looming problem of ad fraud.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jonathan Teitloff, Sr. Director, Product, CTV, TripleLift, explains the importance of the issue.

Trust is paramount

Teitloff emphasized the importance of trust when launching a new marketplace. He said, “Trust really comes from standards and transparency.

“Those are two really critical pieces for any new marketplace, but especially connected television. We’ve done a lot of work with partners like HUMAN and through industry groups like the IAB or through the HUMAN Collective to help define those standards, which leads to greater transparency and trust for buyers.”

HUMAN is the cybersecurity provider which also offers detection solutions for digital advertising and CTV ad fraud prevention. The problem is growing because CTV boasts relatively high ad rates.

HUMAN has previously told us perpetrators use imitation tactics in which millions of devices are pretending to be CTV apps, forcing ad views where there was no real viewer.

The HUMAN Collective is a group of advertising-industry companies working together on fraud prevention.

Most CTV Ad Fraud Comes From Devices Posing As TVs: HUMAN’s Tamer Hassan

Embracing improved ad experiences

TripleLift is a native ad solutions vendor whose technology has now extended into the CTV arena.

TripleLift’s technology lets a brand take a single set of creative assets and turn them into tens of thousands of unique native ads, each one tailored to each specific publisher.

Teitloff describes main two types of ad formats in connected television:

  1. standard ads that appear in ad breaks
  2. integrated ads that are served into the show.

The future of ad-supported TV

Looking forward, Teitloff says: “I actually see the next decade for connected television just being absolutely tremendous.”

He believes the growth in streaming will come from ad-supported models, including free ad-supported streaming television. This trend is not only easier for consumers but also for advertisers and publishers.

Independent content studios and programmers now have an easier way to find distribution, and advertisers can buy on connected television regardless of their previous involvement in the industry.