Cybersecurity platforms for years have worked to eliminate fraudulent activity that costs advertisers millions of dollars a year. As those marketers shift more of their ad budgets into connected television (CTV), they must remain vigilant against suspicious activity that inflates viewership metrics.

“A constant word that comes out of my mouth is ‘proactive’ — be proactive,” Matthew Katz, senior director of marketplace quality at FreeWheel, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “If you think you’re doing everything that you can, you probably were six months ago.”

He recommends that marketers continually speak to service providers throughout the media supply chain, including vendors and partners to help evaluate the security of their systems. Katz also suggests that advertisers not assume that all suspicious activity is necessarily fraudulent. He has seen cases where something as simple as a spelling error generated unusual signals.

“You want to be protective, but you also want be working to, what I call, free up the revenue,” Katz said. “So if there’s misinterpreted signals, lean in with your partner, lean in with your vendor and work through those to clear them out.”

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