Trust Will Drive CTV Ads To Higher Heights

According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, US connected TV (CTV) ad spending will near $30 billion in 2024. But that amount could go higher if the industry can give the market certainty and security over the looming problem of ad fraud. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jonathan Teitloff, Sr. Director, Product, CTV, TripleLift, explains the […]


CTV Can Halt Ad Fraud With Lessons From Past: IAB Tech Lab’s Jill Wittkopp

Connected television has become the latest front in the fight against advertising fraud as scammers target a relatively new platform with high prices compared with other media outlets. IAB Tech Lab has played a key part in establishing technical standards to make the CTV ad marketplace safer for brands and spur growth in automated media […]


Tech Integration Helps to Stop CTV Ad Fraud: Samsung’s Aubriana Lopez

Preventing advertising fraud on connected television has become a bigger concern as scammers target platforms that have a high cost per thousand (CPM) rate, making such schemes more lucrative. Companies are developing different ways to thwart fraud. For Samsung Ads, the ad sales group at the consumer electronics giant, that means providing a security throughout […]


Brands Have Multiple Ways to Protect Against CTV Ad Fraud: Magnite’s Nick Frizzell

Avoiding advertising fraud on connected television requires continual vigilance as scammers look for weaknesses in the media supply chain. Marketers, agencies, media owners and ad-tech companies can work together to diminish losses to fraud. “The more we can collaborate together, share knowledge, share lists, talk with one another to root out these bad actors at […]


Preventing CTV Ad Fraud Is Collective Effort: Index Exchange’s Rob Hazan

Stronger guards against ad fraud in connection television will help to expand automated media buying as marketers can feel confident about their efforts to reach bigger audiences. While they can negotiate one-to-one deals with publishers, they face certain limitations. “One proxy that a lot of buyers use for creating some safety in CTV is one-to-one […]


Preventing Ad Fraud Requires Proactive Steps: FreeWheel’s Matthew Katz

Cybersecurity platforms for years have worked to eliminate fraudulent activity that costs advertisers millions of dollars a year. As those marketers shift more of their ad budgets into connected television (CTV), they must remain vigilant against suspicious activity that inflates viewership metrics. “A constant word that comes out of my mouth is ‘proactive’ — be […]


Telltale Signals Help to Detect CTV Ad Fraud : HUMAN’s Kristine Lopez

Security standards are still being developed for connected television (CTV), leaving parts of its advertising infrastructure exposed to potential fraud. Cybersecurity firm HUMAN relies on a variety of indicators to help determine the authenticity of streaming viewership as fraudsters seek to mine a segment that has lucrative cost per thousand (CPM) metrics. “Fraudsters like to […]


Watermarking Helps to Prevent CTV Ad Fraud: Roku’s Adam Markey

Preventing ad fraud on connected television (CTV) is a collaborative effort among companies throughout the digital-media supply chain. Streaming-device maker Roku works to prevent fraudulent activity on its platform to ensure that legitimate publishers can fully monetize their content and advertisers are getting value for their media investment. “We have a lot of control over […]


Battling CTV Ad Fraud Is Collective Effort: Butler/Till’s Scott Ensign

Connected television gives advertisers the ability to reach highly targeted audiences, but there are risks that advertising fraud will drain away part of their media spending. Tackling the problem requires a collaboration among advertisers, agencies, media companies, adtech firms and cyberspecialists. “The things that make me optimistic about the space is I see a lot […]


Most CTV Ad Fraud Comes From Devices Posing As TVs: HUMAN’s Tamer Hassan

The automation of advertising sales in the past decade has helped to make transactions more efficient. But as with any network of computers that handles financial activity, there’s increased risk of being a victim of fraud. Cybersecurity company HUMAN works with the buyers and sellers of media to protect them from fraud, which has become […]