Preventing advertising fraud on connected television has become a bigger concern as scammers target platforms that have a high cost per thousand (CPM) rate, making such schemes more lucrative. Companies are developing different ways to thwart fraud. For Samsung Ads, the ad sales group at the consumer electronics giant, that means providing a security throughout its networked systems.

Samsung’s Tizen operating system for smart TVs “is really the foundation. Because we own both the hardware and the software, we can ensure it’s an environment that’s free of fraud,” Aubriana Lopez, head of data, global product marketing at Samsung Ads, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Tizen works to detect bots that mimic the viewing behavior of people, and to ensure that ads aren’t being delivered to TVs that are turned off, she said. Samsung owns a significant portion of its advertising inventory, including native ads that appear on the welcome screen when people power up their TVs. The company also works with technology vendors to prevent ad fraud.

“We own our full technology stack. That’s not the same across all providers. That allows us to be again another layer of protection against fraud,” Lopez said. “With our combined approach with third-party methodology — which is why we’re excited to partner with HUMAN — and our proprietary methodology, I think we’re in a really solid spot.”

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