LAS VEGAS – Consumers are spending more time with streaming video than with traditional linear television and marketers want to reach them as platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ expand their advertising inventories.

“It’s pretty obvious that eyeballs are shifting and the reason that dollars are not yet following suit as we get from a lot of different marketers is that they need more transparency and everyone defines it in a different way,”  Tal Chalozin, co-founder and chief technology officer of ad-server company Innovid, said in this interview at CES 2023 with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts.

“This year, we’re on the verge that everyone understands that this is critical, both because this is the next evolution,” Chalozin said, “but also this is what can open the floodgate for more buyers to come into the space.”

InnovidXP Combines Data & Serving: Chalozin

Marketers can work with a variety of companies that help to measure streaming audiences and to improve their targeting among key consumer groups. Brands also want simplified solutions as they manage campaigns across a variety of media channels including streaming platforms.

“I can speak about it from an Innovid lens,” Chalozin said. “For years we were the currency for the streaming space because Innovid is one of the largest CTV ad servers out there … we are the system of record for billing for so many different brands and we’re MRC-accredited for that.”

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