LAS VEGAS — If advertisers are better able to target Hispanic audiences, new “clean room” software could have something to do with it.

TelevisaUnivision launched a Hispanic household identity graph at its 2022 upfronts pitch.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brian Lin, SVP, Product Management & Advanced Advertising, TelevisaUnivision, says the new category of clean room tech is helping power an integration between its own ID and Omni ID, Omnicom Media Group’s ID.

Powering data tie-ups

The Omnicom-TelevisaUnivision partnership was announced in November 2022. Essentially, Omnicom is the first agency to use the Hispanic household data graph unveiled last year.

Lin says it involves a link-up with a vendor of “clean room” software: “We’ve connected through the Snowflake environment.

“They’ve licenced our Hispanic household graph where there’s an always-on connection for them to be able to match, plan and activate against the TelevisaUnivision content.”

More could be coming. “We’re in active conversations with almost every one of the hol-cos (holding companies),” Lin says.”

How clean rooms help

Clean rooms enable advertisers to share data with their partners in a secure environment.

Use of clean room technology is expected to increase across various industries, including media and advertising. This is due to the growing importance of protecting sensitive data and adhering to privacy regulations.

“This federated system that technology companies like Snowflake and Habu and InfoSum provide is a federated system where data doesn’t need to leave our environments, but it still allows a marketer to achieve the goals that they’re looking for,” adds TelevisaUnivision’s Lin.

“It provides a one-to-one match within a federated environment where IDs from a brand marketer is able to connect with identifiers on our content and be able to plan, optimise and activate in a strong-fidelity way.

Science investment

The combined TelevisaUnivision claims to reach over 100 million Spanish speakers every day – more than 60% of the respective TV audiences in both the U.S. and Mexico across television, digital, streaming and audio.

Ahead of the deal, Univision had been building its streaming business by acquiring ad-supported platform ViX, planning to integrate it with its own PrendeTV. They relaunched as a combined ViX earlier in 2022.

Although clean room tech is not strictly new, its application is gaining speed in media and advertising in 2023, as more companies discover its ability to power data connectivity whilst ensuring actual consumer data doesn’t change hangs.

“Every client and media agency is looking and investing heavily in that area,” Lin says.

But he says it’s not as simple as buying software.

“It’s not just a technology investment,” he explains. “It requires data science and data analysts who really understand how to leverage the latest and greatest in forecasting algorithms.”

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