LAS VEGAS – Marketers are working to get ahead of the growing patchwork of consumer privacy laws by adopting a variety of technologies including audience identifiers and data clean rooms (DCRs). For beauty giant L’Oréal, clean rooms have helped to improve the outcomes of its advertising campaigns by matching its vast trove of first-party data with data sets from media companies without sharing the information.

“We’ve been dabbling in clean rooms for a very long time,” Shenan Reed, senior vice president and head of media at beauty giant L’Oréal, said in this interview with Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser at CES 2023. “The challenge with the early iterations of clean rooms was that they required engineers and data scientists and people who could truly write code to build them out. They’ve come a long way and there’s a proliferation of them.”

As media and marketing professionals become more familiar with clean-room technology and its ability to prevent direct commingling of consumer data, adoption is moving forward.

“There’s a lot more clients and customers of ours who are willing, media partners are willing to put their data into this space,” Reed said. “It’s a great opportunity for us to start to put that data together with our media partners and create smarter advertising.”

With better audience targeting, L’Oréal works to avoid reaching the same consumer groups with repetitive advertising that can become a nuisance, and to tailor its messaging to segments of beauty and personal care market.

“When advertising is done well, it is a service to the consumer,” Reed said. “When I say that, what I ultimately mean is that I don’t want to bother you with an ad that isn’t right for you or isn’t right in that moment for you. Clean rooms give us that opportunity to create smarter audiences and make sure that the advertising is really in a moment that is of service to you as a consumer.”

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