LAS VEGAS – The global economic outlook has become a bigger source of worry amid high inflation, rising costs to borrow money, war in Europe and significant job cuts at technology companies. As in past economic cycles, the uncertainty is pressing marketers to find ways to show measurable results from advertising budgets that may be tied to estimates of company revenue.

“We’re coming into a pretty challenging economic environment and this is a moment in measurement when buyers and brands are really looking to understand value,” Eric John, vice president of the media center at IAB, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts at CES 2023.

These discussions about measurement are significant because they help to set the value of advertising transactions, or what is known as a currency among buyers and sellers of media inventories. As marketers seek to compare different media platforms, multicurrencies are vital.

“We’re living in a multicurrency landscape and how measurement informs all those currencies is a topic of huge debate,” John said. Publishers, operating systems for electronic devices and original equipment manufacturers are “all making it a real challenge to get a common view.”

Paying Attention to Attention

As marketers look for more granular information about how audiences see advertising among a wider variety media channels and electronic devices, they also want some assurance that consumers paid attention to what they saw. Measuring attention is especially relevant when people’s behavior includes activities such as watching television while looking at social media on a smartphone, or if they walk away from a screen that shows ads to an empty room.

“Attention is something that everyone has a sense of what it means, but honestly, what is attention? Is it time spent? Is it an enhancement of dwell time?” John said. “That’s a fundamental question that has to be discussed.”

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