CANNES — A quarter after acquiring TVSquared and a half-year after going public, video ad-tech firm Innovid is rolling out a new software suite for cross-platform advertising.

InnovidXP combines ad serving data and creative personalization, backed by sight of a billion daily TV impressions delivered to 95 million homes.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Tal Chalozin, CTO & Co-Founder, Innovid, explains why he thinks he is on to a winner.

Strong foundation

“There’s a lot of innovation on reinventing measurement in the world of television and streaming,” Chalozin says.

“Many companies are taking it from the data science, from the UI, from the analytics and reporting side.

“We think that this is amazing, but it only works well if you have an amazing dataset to build the UI on top of it.

“(Ours) rides on the robust data that comes out of the ad server and does not need any other pixel or data set or passing data from one point to another, with no potential for data leakage or privacy problems.”

According to the announcement, InnovidXP boasts “currency-grade impression data tied to an ad serving footprint representing 88% of U.S. CTV homes”.

It aims to offer counting, attributing and analyzing reach and outcomes at scale, across every platform, including walled gardens.

A bigger boat

TVSquared, which provides measurement, outcomes attribution and audience insights for viewing, began in Edinburgh with a fin-tech background, processing real-time data to derive insights.

It also meant a bigger platform for its special sauce – showing brands the true effect of their ad spend.

Innovid serves ads for 40% of the top 200 advertisers.

Innovid’s acquisition of TVSquared was seen as combining the companies to provide:

  • Connected TV Advertising
  • Ad Serving
  • Creative Management
  • Advertising Measurement
  • Identity Resolution
  • Publisher Solutions
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