LAS VEGAS – Marketers what to know not only that target audiences saw their advertisements, but also that their campaigns led to an action such as a store visit, app download or final purchase. Obtaining those metrics has become complicated as the media environment becomes more fragmented into different silos or “walled gardens.”

“We still have a ways to go. There’s definitely a handful of providers out there that are ready, but I don’t think it’s fully cross-platform,” Cara Lewis, chief investment officer at Dentsu International, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Jon Watts at CES 2023. “We’re on a road where there’s most likely going to be more than one measurement partner.”

Brands Are Ready to Test New Measurement for Upfronts: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis Chats With Samba TV’s Kris Magel

Having multiple ways to measure media may help marketers to understand certain kinds of audience activity, but advertisers will have to consider the cost of what they’re measuring and whether it’s valuable.

“We need something standardized, to be honest, but how can we standardize it when we’re using all different data sets and all the different partners are using different ways to get there?” Lewis said. “We need to start talking about the costs. That is a huge black hole that I think no one really wants to really dive into, but we as an agency can’t afford four different types of measurement.”

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