Audio Creates Highest Level Of Attention: Dentsu’s Lewis

SALISBURY, CT – Dentsu International has embarked on a five-year journey to lead the charge in the attention economy. Now that journey is pointing it toward audio. Previously, the company’s research into the economics of attention prompted it to introduce a new, attention-based media currency, the effective attention cost per a thousand (EACPM). Now, in […]


“Breast Cancer Has Made Me a Better Leader,” Cara Lewis

Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29, her perspective on the priorities of work and personal life were profoundly changed. For Cara Lewis, it has made her a “better leader,” making her more empathetic, understanding. We spoke with the dentsu Chief Investment Officer about her journey and her role as an advocate for breast cancer […]


Business Outcomes Underlie Accurate Media Measurement: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis

LAS VEGAS – Marketers what to know not only that target audiences saw their advertisements, but also that their campaigns led to an action such as a store visit, app download or final purchase. Obtaining those metrics has become complicated as the media environment becomes more fragmented into different silos or “walled gardens.” “We still […]


Brands Are Ready to Test New Measurement for Upfronts: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis Chats With Samba TV’s Kris Magel

As television networks prepare to showcase their programming during the upfront sales season, more advertisers are ready to test alternative ways to measure the value of their media investments. “When we hung up the phone yesterday with a bunch of our clients, we had a handful of them say, ‘I’m ready to test,’” Cara Lewis, […]


Buying CTV Ads Calls for Holistic Approach to Video: Dentsu’s Cara Lewis

Marketers can gain greater insights into television audiences as more households connect their TVs to the internet. They can harness the smart TV data from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to support their efforts to ensure that their campaigns are reaching target consumers. “A lot of people use the data that the OEMs have in their […]


AVOD Platforms Provide Broad Reach with Less Ad Load: Amplifi’s Cara Lewis

Consumers who connect their TVs directly to the internet are becoming more accessible to marketers through the growing number of ad-based video-on-demand services. AVOD platforms are gaining many viewers that had been lost to the cord-cutting trend, reaching greater scale for major advertisers. Advertisers are “looking for where we can basically scale outside what’s happening […]


Marketers Seek Video Metrics for Cross-Platform Consumption: Amplifi’s Cara Lewis

Television advertising is undergoing a period of significant upheaval as viewers watch their favorite programming on a broader range of devices, including smartphones and TVs connected directly to the internet. Because video is everywhere, advertisers are looking for a way to tell where and when their ads are reaching viewers most effectively — and that’s […]


Amplifi’s Lewis Looks To Reboot Seller Relationship With Cost, Flexibility In Mind

At a time when TV networks’ programming plans are on the ropes, is there an opportunity for ad buyers to rebalance the relationship between buy side and sell side? We have already seen the annual upfront TV ad sales season delayed, and a new call for a further delay plus significant reform, as advertisers and […]