CANNES — It is a fast-moving industry, particularly for younger professionals who are keen to hustle and prove themselves.

But what if we could speed up a more purposeful media business by slowing down?

In this video interview with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Illianna Acosta, Sr. Manager, Channel Sales – AdTech Partners, LinkedIn, says reflection can make for a better connection.


Acosta says she aims to marry purpose and passion.

“I define ‘purpose’ by really finding the things that make me want to exist, where I feel most passionate and the things that really motivate me to get up every morning and do what I do,” she says.

And, when things sometimes get overwhelming, Acosta says she centers herself by rediscovering the intention beneath it all, asking herself questions like: “Am I doing this? Is there purpose to what I’m doing? Is there a why to what I’m doing? Why am I stressed?”

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Free to pause

Recent studies have shown a recalibration of many people’s attitudes toward work, with many, even younger employees, choosing to refocus more on a sane life and less on a hectic business schedule.

Not only do workplaces have an interest in ensuring professionals can thread work into their life in a fulfilling way, for the many companies that are now purpose-driven, doing so – walking the walk – seems like a necessity.

LinkedIn’s Acosta wants to tell younger professionals they can feel free to pause.

“I would’ve paused and been more intentional with how I was using my time and who I was surrounding myself and who was pouring into my cup and who was just taking but not giving and where I could be most valued and what teams and what people,” she says.

“Pausing for a second and not just like being on this hamster wheel every day (is beneficial).

“Sometimes that takes for you to pause and be more intentional with how you’re using your time and how you’re using your seat.”

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