CANNES — Over the last few years, the industry has heard a lot about “purpose-driven marketing”.

But, in a world that is still created by people, purpose has a much wider, deeper and earlier resonance.

In this video interview at Cannes Lions with Tameka Kee for Beet.TV, Najoh Tita-Reid, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logitech, describes how a deep-seated sense of purpose drives her and her work.

Bigger than you

“I define purpose as something that gives you a deeper meaning to strive forward,” Tita-Reid says. “Whatever it is in your life, you find it a reason to wake up a reason, to work harder, a reason to change the game.

“It’s something inside of you that is far bigger than yourself, but you feel like you were put in the position at a certain point in time and you must deliver it.”

Tita-Reid is a former Tru Optik board member, Merck regional GM, P&G executive and more.

She was appearing at Cannes Lions along with Black Executive CMO Alliance (BECA) members.

Center yourself

“I would advise any woman, especially younger women who might be starting in their career, take a moment and write your own life mission first,” Tita-Reid adds.

“I have a mission statement for my life that has nothing to do with work. It is who I want be in this world at the end of my days …

“In advertising, it can be hard for people to find their purpose if they’re not centred, because you’re always focused on selling something …

“You could really find yourself getting lost in a brand and forgetting why you’re doing what you’re doing. If everybody in advertising could take a moment and get sited in their purpose, the work will be better because they won’t lose their sense of humanity.”

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