CANNES — Addressable TV, which supports targeted advertising replacements, is growing.

Lately, it has been growing nationally and is becoming offered to ad buyers on a self-service basis.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Larry Allen, VP & GM, Addressable Enablement, Comcast Advertising, explains why his company made an announcement at the apex of those two trends.

National self-service

Comcast-owned FreeWheel is working with AMC Networks to offer linear add campaigns across different screen types on a self-serve basis.

“It’s really the first time that a programmer is going to be in control of their national addressable inventory,” Allen says.

“They’re able to enable one to two spots per hour of addressable inventory today, but that will grow.

“We have a roadmap to deliver multiple ads in a spot or full-break replacement.”

Going addressable

Comcast is part of the Go Addressable initiative aiming to maximize the scale, impact and value of TV as a marketing platform by accelerating addressable adoption.

It aims to make it easier to advertisers to add addressability into their campaigns.

Comcast also jointly owns Ampersand, the former NCC Media, organization whose platform uses audience data from 80 million US households to help plan, execute, measure and report on TV campaigns.

“Addressable is growing strong and we’ve got most of the programmers now under contract and in the process being enabled on our footprint,” Allen adds.

“Our local two minutes (per hour) is enabled and we’re pushing that hard, both within our own Effectv sales organisation, but also with Ampersand.”

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