Advertising is becoming more transactional as a variety of technologies emerge to support a direct response from consumers as they watch television, use a social media app or scan a code with a smartphone camera. These media touchpoints are all opportunities for commerce.

“Shoppable media is hot … that’s where a lot of the commerce growth is going to come from in the next couple of years,” Jill Cruz, executive vice president of commerce strategy at ad agency Publicis Groupe, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Shoppable media is distinct from social commerce, which is limited to social media apps like Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat. Those platforms in the past few years have added more shopping features, giving merchants a way to sell directly to consumers without sending them to website or app.

“Shoppable media is more about the content and the mechanism and the pathway to the purchase,” Cruz said. “It’s about empowering consumers to shop or facilitating that shopper experience.”

Opportunities for All Merchants

Major online marketplaces like Amazon and mass-market retailers like Walmart are building billion-dollar media businesses by selling advertising. Smaller store chains and specialty retailers have an opportunity to participate in the market by reaching consumer niches and intermixing digital channels with an in-store presence.

“Today, retail media platforms now have social integrations, they’re doing more video,” Cruz said. “They’re tying the offline to the online, where you’re now able to do programmatic display, and tie that into a cooler screen that’s inside of the store.”

Consumer Data Are Valuable

Retailers that collect data about their customers are creating a valuable resource that marketers and media buyers can mine for insights.

“Data is the name of the game the more that personalization is important to our brands and to our clients,” Cruz said. “To eliminate waste in media, we really need that personalization — and in order to have that, we really need data.”

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