Publicis Commerce’s Cruz Sees Evolution In The Fusion of CTV and Retail Media

MARCO ISLAND, FL — Retail media is not just climbing; it’s soaring, and Connected TV (CTV) is the wind beneath its wings. With the convergence of highly engaged audiences and high-impact content, CTV has become the new frontier for retailers who are lighting up their own ad operations. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV at […]


Profusion of Retail Media Networks Leads to Funding Hurdles: Publicis’s Jill Cruz

SANTA MONICA, CA – Retailers that sell advertising offer brands another way to reach consumers as they shop online and in stores. These retail media networks not only can help to drive sales, but also to raise awareness for a broader range of products and services. “You’ve also got some of the media networks that […]


Retail Media Is Evolving Into Full-Funnel ‘Commerce Media’: Publicis’s Jill Cruz

NEW YORK – Retailers that sell online advertising can tout their ability to target consumers based on their purchase histories and to reach shoppers at the lowest parts of the purchase funnel. But retail media is one part of the broader growth in “commerce media” that includes brand advertising across other websites. “We define commerce […]


Shoppable Media Provide More Fuel for Ecommerce Growth: Publicis’s Jill Cruz

Advertising is becoming more transactional as a variety of technologies emerge to support a direct response from consumers as they watch television, use a social media app or scan a code with a smartphone camera. These media touchpoints are all opportunities for commerce. “Shoppable media is hot … that’s where a lot of the commerce […]