Retail Media Networks Are Taking Digital Ad Share: Tinuiti’s Marsten

Once upon a time, they would have been merely ad buyers. Now retailers are also becoming media networks themselves. But who is spending for ads through the likes of Target, Walmart and Boots, and what does the future hold? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director, Strategic Marketplace Services, Tinuiti, explains what […]


How Retail Media Networks Are Evolving: Momentum Commerce’s Bowman

With a new Creative Commerce award track at Cannes Lions 2022, it is clear that, this year, the fusion of ecommerce and media is closer than ever. But, as more retailers become media networks, how is the opportunity set to shape up? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Todd Bowman, VP Services, Momentum Commerce, an […]


Commerce Media Pull Brands Closer to Digital Shoppers: Criteo’s Brian Gleason

Brands have a growing opportunity to lead consumers through the purchase funnel as commerce media provide them with multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions generate data that can help to sharpen their marketing strategies. “Retailers like Target have this tremendous environment where they invite consumers into their store every day online,” Brian Gleason, global chief revenue […]