Retail Media Can Go Off-Site: PubMatic’s Goel

In the new “merchant media” wave, ecommerce operators are discovering they can turn their store sites into vehicles that capture audience data for ad targeting. But Amar Goel thinks they can go further. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Goel, Founder & Chairman, PubMatic, says visitors to ecommerce sites can be snared from publisher sites. Publisher […]


Retail Media Getting Complex With Growth: GIG Retail’s Stevens

A couple of years ago, it was a game played by Amazon and a couple of the very biggest retailers. Now retail media networks have become so big they are also getting complicated. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Greg Stevens, GM at GIG Retail, a specialist focused on merchant media, explains what needs to […]


Commerce Media Close the Loop Between Ads and Direct Sales: LUMA’s Conor McKenna

A growing variety of ecommerce sites are selling digital advertising, giving brands a chance to reach consumers as they research what they want to buy – and follow through with a purchase. “This really started in the retail media side of things … Amazon and other big players. They had tons of digital consumers coming […]


Learning On The New Frontier: Ascential’s Harmon On Brands’ Commerce-Media Challenge

EMarketer says 2022 will be “the year of retail media networks“, with US spending growing another $10bn to $41.37bn, representing 17.2% of total US digital ad spending. To get there, however, many brands are going to have to learn how to operate in the new environment. That is according to Abi Harmon, Chief Customer Experience […]


Retail Media 3.0 Choices Are Transforming Advertising: Criteo’s Sherry Smith

A growing number of businesses are finding ways to monetize the visits to their websites by selling advertising. These companies include everything from major retail chains with millions of customers to smaller enterprises that serve niche markets. “We are continuously getting calls from retailers that are looking to advance their retail media offering,” Sherry Smith, […]


Shoppable Media Provide More Fuel for Ecommerce Growth: Publicis’s Jill Cruz

Advertising is becoming more transactional as a variety of technologies emerge to support a direct response from consumers as they watch television, use a social media app or scan a code with a smartphone camera. These media touchpoints are all opportunities for commerce. “Shoppable media is hot … that’s where a lot of the commerce […]


Commerce Media Will Expand Beyond Retailers: Criteo’s Megan Clarken

Online marketplaces like Amazon and retailers like Walmart are selling advertising space on their websites, parlaying their mass-market scope and deep troves of consumer data into targeted reach at scale. However, they’re not the only companies that can sell advertising. Travel sites, auto parts retailers, home-delivery services and smaller retailers also have an opportunity to […]


Retail Media & Live Commerce Are Booming: Reprise Digital’s Weinberg

After a rough couple of years for the economy, a phase which may yet be worsening on the markets, one shining light for marketers may be the growing proximity of advertising to direct commerce opportunities. Live and social commerce is starting to show tremendous growth, whilst retail media networks are giving brands and retailers alike […]


Commerce Media Can Speed Up Consumer Journeys: Dentsu’s Bruce Williams

More ecommerce sites are testing the value of their visitors to brands that are seeking to reach online consumers, especially at the lower parts of the purchase funnel. The commerce media market is growing and diversifying beyond retail media networks started by mass merchants like Amazon, Walmart and Target. “Across the board there’s a massive […]


Shoppable Media Link Commerce With Content: Omnicom’s Frank Kochenash

Brands have more ways to reach consumers at different parts of the purchase funnel, especially as ecommerce sites show advertising amid product listings. Many retailers also have collected consumer purchase data that can be harnessed for more effective ad targeting. “The continued advances in digital technology and in connectivity are enhancing the customer experience and […]


Retail Media Networks Are Taking Digital Ad Share: Tinuiti’s Marsten

Once upon a time, they would have been merely ad buyers. Now retailers are also becoming media networks themselves. But who is spending for ads through the likes of Target, Walmart and Boots, and what does the future hold? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director, Strategic Marketplace Services, Tinuiti, explains what […]


How Retail Media Networks Are Evolving: Momentum Commerce’s Bowman

With a new Creative Commerce award track at Cannes Lions 2022, it is clear that, this year, the fusion of ecommerce and media is closer than ever. But, as more retailers become media networks, how is the opportunity set to shape up? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Todd Bowman, VP Services, Momentum Commerce, an […]


Commerce Media Pull Brands Closer to Digital Shoppers: Criteo’s Brian Gleason

Brands have a growing opportunity to lead consumers through the purchase funnel as commerce media provide them with multiple digital touchpoints. These interactions generate data that can help to sharpen their marketing strategies. “Retailers like Target have this tremendous environment where they invite consumers into their store every day online,” Brian Gleason, global chief revenue […]