CHICAGO – After a disrupted couple of years for the industry, Beet Retreat is fully back in business.

Beet.TV’s industry get-together arrives at Loews, Santa Monica Beach Hotel, on November 17.

Executives are gathering at a time when the redefinition that was bubbling in the industry was crystallised by pandemic effects. Now the mood in the air is all about the need to capitalize on those changes.

Intimate and focused

“It’s certainly in a time where we haven’t been able to get together for the last couple years in any shape or form, and certainly not at any scale,” says Matt Spiegel, EVP Marketing Solutions, Head of Media Vertical at TransUnion, a Beet Retreat sponsor.

“And yet, I think there’s still some desire to have smaller, more intimate sessions and settings.

“The Beet Retreat, actually, is that perfect combination, where it’s not thousands or even hundreds of people, but just plus or minus a hundred people, all with similar aspirations and interests, in this case, around the future of video and television, that get to come together, have some great conversations, create some content that the world will get to see post the event, and share some good times together.

“Really looking forward to it. It’ll be nice to get to do, and happy that I’ll be in sunny, warm LA, where we can do most of it outside, and it should be just a really great time, and a great set of innovative sessions as well.”

Social networking

Spiegel appears on the Beet Retreat agenda alongside alongside dozens of industry peers debating topics including:

  • TV measurement
  • Contextual targeting
  • CTV and programmatic
  • The new-look linear
  • Adapting sale strategies
  • Creativity

It isn’t all about panel chat, however. Over three days, guests will mingle in a ballroom dinner, after-dinner drinks and hear a special musical guest hosted by Warner Music Group.

‘Not your typical conference’

“It’s great to be able to get to head back to a Beet Retreat,” Spiegel adds. “They’ve always been a really interesting mix of fun, thought-provoking, a good mix of dialog.

“You’ve done a great job curating a senior list of people in this industry focused on the future of video advertising. What’s great about the Beet Retreat, it’s not your typical conference. It’s a smaller group of more senior thinkers that come to spend time together and debate issues about the industry.

“A mix of great locations, meet great content, meet great people, and it always turns out to be a really thought-provoking, energizing couple days.”

The Beet Retreat is sponsored by TransUnion along with FreeWheel, IRIS.TV, Samba TV and Warner Music Group.

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