Of the many digital ad buyers now engaged in “supply-path optimization” (SPO), most consider it a quest for efficiency.

But what if it could also move the needle on social responsibility?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, GroupM VP, Managing Partner, Global Head of Programmatic, explains how SPO is changing.

Socially-responsible SPO

SPO has risen as more ad buyers have wanted a better handle on the kinds of inventory they are really buying, and how.

But now it’s more than that.

“The idea of inclusion in social responsibility, understanding what properties our clients and GroupM is really supporting, is really at the forefront of our minds and has been for a bit,” Jaffe says.

He says the first step is to focus around  understanding all of the players within the path, their alignment and focus with buyer aims.

Multi-pronged effort

GroupM works with SSPs from the likes of Index Exchange, SpotX and PubMatic.

But SPO is evolving now to focus on more than just SSPs, Jaffe says, pointing to the importance of all three parties:

  • DSP – “We kind of knew early on that the DSP always plays a critical role, but it’s just as important to kind of engage with everyone along that supply chain.”
  • SSP – “Understanding what SSPs can bring to the table for buyers.”
  • Publishers – “We have been exploring what we can do to kind of build closer relationships with our publishers”.
This video is part of the Global Forum on Responsible Media produced by Beet.TV, GroupM with the 4A’s. This track on data, identity and a transparent supply chain is sponsored by MediaMath.  For more videos on this topic, visit this page
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