The programmatic marketplace has evolved to give advertisers greater flexibility in their media buying, while also being mindful of the consumer experience. That include a reduced ad load, innovative ad units and other opportunities for brands to engage with viewers.

“In order to maintain and preserve a responsible ecosystem, particularly for programmatic, we must always consider the consumer,” Ashley Luongo, senior vice president of advanced TV and programmatic digital sales at NBCUniversal, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “It’s about the on-demand access and meeting consumers where they are, but it’s also about the user experience and keeping that at the center.”

Different Ways to Buy Media

Marketers may have the misconception that the programmatic marketplace consists of the scatter market, without opportunities for placements adjacent to premium content. With private marketplaces (PMPs), programmatic guaranteed or insertion orders, advertisers can now buy ad time in the upfront or scatter market.

“That level of flexibility and activation-agnostic approach affords all partners the ability to transact in the way that best meets their business objectives,” Luongo said.

NBCUniversal has invested billions of dollars in technology and premium content that helps to ensure that advertisers have access to brand-safe premium content through the programmatic marketplace, Luongo said.

“It’s no longer a small slice of an investment that’s peeled or carved out. It’s very intentional, it’s very front and center,” Luongo said. “The opportunity is to leverage programmatic as the most intelligent and sophisticated way of buying available in the marketplace today.”

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