Consumers are dividing their time among linear TV and newer streaming channels, spurring discussion about a cross-screen currency for setting the value of ad transactions. But data and metrics have many other applications for businesses, said Christine Grammier, head of TV measurement at data connectivity platform LiveRamp.

“We see a vast ecosystem that uses data and metrics in different ways, not just for currency,” she said in this interview with Beet. TV. “We think there will be many different ways to transact over time.”

Consumer data applications for advertisers include media attribution, conversion events, business outcomes, viewability and fraud prevention. For publishers, consumer data can help to get a better understanding of their audiences.

“If you’re taking the impressions that you’re serving, not only understanding the reach and frequency they might be delivering, but then also getting all the way to business outcomes, you’re able to create that transparency all the way to the bottom line,” Grammier said.

LiveRamp prioritizes authenticated, opt-in data from consenting consumers.

“When we think about responsible media at LiveRamp, we definitely start at the consumer. We to make sure we have their consent” to gather personal and authenticated data, she said. “You ask for their permission, and in that moment, you also capture the information that allows you to potentially to deliver the targeting to them.”

Connected TV platforms not only can glean viewership data from device identifiers and internet protocols (IPs), but also when they collect payment information.

“Most of the inventory is actually authenticated because we are charging for it. We are creating authentication moments,” she said. “The infrastructure, though, really wasn’t built to use that authenticated data originally.”

Advertisers have shifted their media spending to CTV and over-the-top platforms whose viewership provides incremental reach to linear TV.

“We see a lot of reach-maximizing strategies going on, and the consumers’ eyeballs have moved to the CTV platforms,” she said. “There will be a time when we’re all using that authenticated data, that consented data.”

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