LOS ANGELES – Automated bidding for commercial time is becoming more predominant as advertisers demand more flexibility in their over-the-top (OTT) and connected (CTV) media buys. That shift comes as video publishers seek to monetize their growing audiences for higher-quality programming.

“The programmatic CTV landscape has changed dramatically just in a handful of years,” Nicole Scaglione, global vice president of OTT and CTV business at sell-side platform PubMatic, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “What we’re seeing now is more and more publishers emerging, more and more quality content coming into the programmatic marketplaces.”

PubMatic last year introduced OpenWrap OTT to provide header bidding for ad placements on CTV and OTT platforms. Header bidding an automated auction technology that lets publishers offer their ad inventories on several demand-side platforms (DSPs) and receive multiple bids simultaneously.

“We want to help publishers monetize every single possible impression in a CTV marketplace, and we know that one of the best, cleanest ways to do that is through a header product,” Scaglione said.

Source: eMarketer

Amid growing concerns about ad fraud, PubMatic extended its fraud-free guarantee to CTV platforms. The company also has taken steps to partner with third-party companies like Samba TV, which provides a multisource panel for advertising measurement.

“These are thoughtful, research-based solutions as we’re watching the CTV marketplace change and evolve over time and develop,” Scaglione said.

Publishers are looking for monetization solutions that are adaptable and forward-thinking, and provide support for different business needs, she said.

“Publishers are really busy developing great content and engaging with their audiences, and very few publishers have the luxury of being both content providers and also ad-tech platforms,” Scaglione said. “That’s our responsibility: to take that stress away from them, and be brilliant at the basics of monetization.”

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