As advertisers shift more of their media dollars to streaming platforms, they’re able to obtain viewership metrics for their campaigns more quickly than they do on linear TV. Those immediate insights are a key advantage of connected TV (CTV).

“With CTV, real-time reporting is very important, especially now. Many companies only provide post-campaign reports. You really don’t get your insights until after the campaign has completed,” Helen Lum, executive vice president of App Science, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “If you have real-time reporting, you can actually make those optimizations live and identify where you can spend your money more efficiently and on top of that, still apply those learnings to future campaigns.”

App Science is a CTV insights business that last year was spun out of media technology company Sabio. With its launch, App Science introduced its Insights Report dashboard for brands and agencies to audit, plan and measure campaigns with data from its device graph of 300 million mobile devices and 110 million CTV households.

“We are an agnostic analytics and data partner, where we are able to provide real-time reporting to our clients with our dashboard,” Lum said.

The company provides advertisers with a pixel, or a snippet of code used for tracking, that can be applied across media buys to measure campaigns. The information can help to compare viewership among different platforms and avoid targeting the same audiences repeatedly.

“We’ve been hearing a lot from our clients how duplication has becoming more of an issue,” Lum said. “A good way to solve for that is to track and reduce that duplication, and monitor that reach and frequency across partners and publishers so that advertisers can reinvest those wasted dollars in real time for their buys.”

Linear TV viewership is declining as audiences spend more time consuming media on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones. Those devices provide a way to pinpoint viewers in a household.

“Having the ability to really connect the mobile to CTV like we do at App Science, we allow advertisers to have deeper insights into the audiences such as the top apps on their phone, even locations that they’ve been to so they have a more holistic view of that household with CTV than with linear,” Lum said.

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