Connected TV platforms are becoming more sophisticated about providing audience data to help advertisers improve their targeting.

“CTV providers starting to differentiate themselves on how they’re able to develop their targeting, and the reporting aspect of it,” Michael Parent, senior vice president of media strategy and operations at MBuy, a unit of Mediaocean, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

While CTV platforms several years ago provided limited information about campaigns, they now share more data as the marketplace has grown more crowded.

“The thing we’re looking for about harmonizing data signals is what we can report on,” Parent said. “Rather than just buying the content, what are we going to get on the back end? What can we learn to help us make better decisions?”

MBuy’s clientele includes businesses in the travel industry that are seeking to boost revenue as consumers demonstrate a greater willingness to travel as vaccinations help to curb the pandemic. Targeting those consumers through CTV platforms is dependent on data signals.

“We’re taking the data that we’re getting — everything from geography to programming to dayparts to the response that we’re getting,” Parent said. “The back end of a CTV buy now is just as important as for a display buy or with the other digital assets that we’re using.”

MBuy, whose services are aimed at smaller advertisers, works with ad-tech company Sabio to hone campaign targeting on connected devices including mobile phones and smart TVs.

“With Sabio, we started out really focusing on their mobile product. We found that it was one of the best ones for us to use,” Parent said. “We were able to measure it, and they were able to work with many different types of creative units. They have since expanded their offerings.”

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