2020 has fused together existential challenges with some of the biggest potential opportunities.

Together, it makes for a heady cocktail – change, even enforced change, can lead the industry to make overdue changes, to a brighter tomorrow.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Vin Paolozzi, Chief Investment Officer with Interpublic Group’s Kinesso unit, talks about how these factors are combining – and how ad agencies can help brands navigate the change.

Tech evolution

“We’ve only scratched the surface on how automation will continue to help evolve our thinking around TV buying as well as bringing additional benefits to our advertising clients and partners,” Paolozzi says.

So, what trends is Paolozzi talking about? He says advertising technology is evolving to support:

  • Understand where a client’s most sought-after audiences are.
  • Translating those audiences back into a publisher’s environment.
  • Better understanding of audiences in publisher ecosystems.

“The technology allows us to first understand who those audiences are that are important to clients,” he says.

In the family

Kinesso is the division IPG launched in October to provide data-driven capabilities to clients, thinks the unit has plenty of work to do.

Kinesso is comprised of IPG’s addressable activation team Cadreon and its  Data and Technology group.

Kinesso works with IPG Mediabrands, Acxiom and will provide services to agencies across the IPG network.

It expected to have a staff of 1,400 in more than 70 countries this year.


“I believe there’s a long way to go in still developing the technologies,” Paolozzi says. “But I think the bright side of this is that, for a long time, we’ve been talking about how technology will continue to evolve the way that we do marketing across the entire ecosystem.

“I think now, more than ever, clients are leaned in and wanting to learn more and more about how that automation helps them drive their business.

“More importantly, (it) helps them understand how best to have and engage and build a relationship with consumers in ways that are ethical, responsible, and important for the future of their brand message as well.”

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