The addition of TV networks from two more broadcast companies means Xandr’s Invest TV users can now place data-driven linear TV buyers across 52 US TV networks.

Invest TV employs a user interface to enable automated buying and unified reach.

Earlier this year, AMC Networks, Disney and WarnerMedia became the first programmers offering national linear inventory through the platform.

And now A+Networks and Crown Media Family Networks, representing Hallmark, are following suit.

Here is today’s announcement.

90% coverage

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Xandr VP Mark Mitchell explains what is going on – and what ad buyers are asking for these days.

“They can log on, they can define a strategic audience in the platform and they can transact directly with 52 national cable networks that reach over 90% of all TV households in the country,” Mitchell says.

“It opens up a really streamlined and very flexible way for national buying on linear to use strategic audiences for the first time.”

The announcement came amid Xandr Connect 2020, Xandr’s annual event including a series of discussion events to watch.

Inflection point

Invest is Xandr’s platform powering ads across digital video, connected TV and data-driven linear supply using first-party data and self-serve UIs.

Invest TV was launched six months ago.

For A+E, using Invest TV means an expansion of its Precision & Performance offerings. Crown Media Family Networks says there is an “inflection point” in the use of data-driven insights for TV campaigns.

“It’s critical for buyers and sellers whose legacy systems don’t really work beyond traditional age and gender to have more automation and more technology in place to manage the data that’s necessary to do that,” Xandr’s Mitchell adds.

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