Marketers next year will keep looking for ways to develop omnichannel media strategies that reach target consumers more efficiently. Advertisers want to move from planning and measurement of siloed media outlets toward a more holistic approach that avoids over-exposing viewers to the same ads too often.

“There’s a lot of value for clients in being able to plan and then measure holistically … so that we can deliver a de-duplicated view that is going to help advertisers spend their budgets more efficiently,” said Lauren Bernard Mannix, vice president of market solutions at Kinesso, the marketing technology platform started by Interpublic Group.

In this interview with Beet.TV, Bernard Mannix described how Kinesso has collaborated with database marketing company Acxiom to create high-value audiences for targeted advertising on linear TV and digital video channels.

The companies have been “working on direct integrations with a variety of different owners of subscriber data or device owners … so that we can create one-to-one matches between those entities and the Acxiom universe,” she said. “Through those connections, we’re able to develop a lot of interesting use cases.”

Those applications include one-to-one segment syndication and ingesting exposure files for holistic measurement after a campaign has run. Kinesso supports data-driven buying strategies for linear TV with a platform that provides its buyers with automated workflows for allocating budgets among networks and measuring the results.

“Through our data-driven linear application … we can inform our proposal requests to networks based on our de-duplicated view and forecasts of audience reach across different networks,” she said.

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