Of all the work we’ve done over the past 14, years, the nearly 8,000 videos we’ve produced, nothing has been as consequential as our Black Lives Matter series, titled Our Voices Our Hopes..

I am grateful to Kirk McDonald and my other dear friends, along with so many new acquaintances, for having spoken so candidly and personally about what is like to be Black in our industry and for sharing their anguish and hopes in this time of racial injustice and social unrest.

Simply put, we’re having conversations we’ve never had before.

Several of the executives in the series speak of needing a “safe space,” a place where fellow people of color can freely share about who they are and to discuss  difficult issues in their work experience.

Well, Beet.TV is now that “safe space.”

I hope that the series will help to foster understanding and progress.  The series is far from over.  We will produce more videos in the months ahead.

As a publisher, we are determined to bring more people of color to regular Beet.TV industry coverage.  And we have made progress.  Much more to come.

I am very moved by Kirk McDonald’s words about my work.  I have published this short video on this page. Thank you Kirk, my friend, for opening the conversation.  We all need to take a few steps forward.

Update: Since we published this video, Kirk has been appointed CEO of GroupM North America.   Congrats Kirk.

Here is our series to date: 

This video is part of an ongoing Beet.TV series of interviews with men and and women of color, addressing their personal experiences and hopes for essential change addressing racial inequality. Please find additional videos here.