The daily stress of “putting on a mask” or “code switching,”  the process of changing one’s Black mannerisms to conform to a largely white working environment, is unnecessary, says Monique Nelson, Chair CEO of  UWG, a leading multicultural advertising agency, in this video interview with Beet.TV

Be your “beautiful,” authentic self, she urges young Black men and woman in our industry.  “As much as you try to wear the mask, it doesn’t work.”

Asked it she is hopeful about change following the murder George Floyd and the subsequent turmoil, she says there is little room for hope, it’s all about dedication and “doubling down on our purpose.”

UWG is the industry’s oldest  standing multicultural advertising agency.  It is 49% owned by WPP.

This video is part of an ongoing Beet.TV series of interviews with men and and women of color, addressing their personal experiences and hopes for essential change addressing racial inequality. Please find additional videos here.