SAN FRANCISCO – Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a given.  And, it needs to be expanded and amplified.

But a healthy work “experience” is essential, particularly for Black men and women dealing with the realities of racism in society and the current turmoil.   A “safe space” for dialogue is important.

Empathy and understanding are paramount now,  says IBM’s Kareem Yusuf, who heads the company’s AI Applications business. He is committed to driving empathy throughout the organization, he told me in this interview from his home in San Francisco.

Raised in Nigeria, educated in England and transferred to the United States by IBM, Yusuf provides an outsider/insider look at racism in America as he shares his journey.

Editor’s Note:  I am grateful to Kareem and the others in this Beet.TV series for sharing so openly.  It is my hope that this series will help foster empathy and understanding.  We surely need it now.

This video is part of an ongoing Beet.TV series of interviews with men and and women of color, addressing their personal experiences and hopes for essential change addressing racial inequality. Please find additional videos here.