LAS VEGAS– Through a new partnership with Nielsen, independent advertising platform Amobee is helping to usher the next stage of convergence, connected TV and linear media planning.

By working with Nielsen, and specifically with the company’s Gracenote ACR (automatic content recognition) data, Amobee has access to more granular viewership data that functions on the individual user level, rather than the household level.

“Nielsen recently rolled out user-level viewership data against their Gracenote ACR, about 4.5 million TV sets where they’re utilizing their national people meter panel to create models that are tied to the data,” Aleck Schleider, svp of data strategy and monetization at Amobee, told Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “It’s really important – it’s the advancement of ACR data for planning and measurement.”

That advancement gives broadcasters and advertisers a better understanding of who is actually watching content, and on what type of device. Formerly, measurement systems tracked viewers on the household level by tracking TV sets. Big data, as part of the convergence of linear television and CTV, has raised expectations around what information is available.

“It’s a big step for the market because the market wants faster data. They want to understand it, given the fact that so much information is available from the ACR, and be able to utilize it,” says Schleider. “And so this advancement is really a milestone, a big step forward for the industry to adopt ACR data when it comes to planning linear television, ctv and convergence.”

At the center of this need for better, more granular data and measurement is the change in consumer habits and how people watch TV. In any one household, multiple people may be watching live TV, streaming content on a mobile phone, and plugging a casting device into a TV set to run apps. Nielsen and Amobee’s partnership will give advertisers more clarity into who is seeing their content and where. That level of visibility, while new for linear TV, has been available to advertisers in advanced TV.

“What Nielsen has done with this data set is take that smart TV device and break it down more granular to who’s watching that, and who’s watching on other devices in the home,” says Schleider. “It’s leveling the playing field in this world of devices.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of advanced TV at CES 2020 presented by Amobee and hosted by GroupM Worldwide.  For more videos from the series, please visit this page.