With so much content at our disposal, how can we make more of it addressable? In an interview with Beet.TV, Tracey Scheppach, CEO and cofounder of Matter More Media, explains that this is a huge priority in the coming year.

Scheppach was shocked to calculate that maybe 3% of all linear media has been made addressable. In 2020, however, she’s optimistic that the programmers and technology are available to push that figure closer to 25% of inventory.

“We’re going to see a lot of new opportunities coming for advertisers to take advantage of,” says Scheppach. “What’s most exciting is that the programmers are going to start bringing it to the advertisers.”

With all of the OTT services available, Scheppach is witnessing a technical shift in how content is being delivered. By its very nature, she says, OTT is addressable because you only receive the stream that you want which means you could see a unique ad. The issue, however, is that so much of this content is still not addressable.

“What they have done is they’ve really opened up their supply to the DSPs and they’ve made it so easy to buy that I don’t feel like a level of addressability that we’re seeing in linear is actually happening in OTT, which is interesting.” Scheppach says. “It’s kind of high price and not as targeted as we’re seeing in linear television.”

This comes as a result of a lot of people who were responsible for originally deploying the technology. They saw it as an advantage at the time to hoard the inventory, but now with all the acquisitions and mergers, we see people wondering why all of this inventory can’t be unlocked.

According to Scheppach, buyers likely will not care as much about technology as much as addressability. For this reason, she sees a need for further education across the industry.

“We’re starting to see so much flavor of addressability coming out, do we really know what we’re doing as a buyer and a seller? There’s so much need for education in the marketplace.” Says Scheppach. “We have to figure out how [this technology] works together, simply, so that a buyer can easily buy it.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of advanced TV at CES 2020 presented by Amobee and hosted by GroupM Worldwide.  For more videos from the series, please visit this page.