Along with an evolution of content and streaming has come a shift in creative optimization. In an interview with Beet.TV at CES, Sasha Savic, CEO of MediaCom U.S. explains that we’re on the verge of major change in customization.

As far as opportunities for creative optimization, Savic says that in years past it has mostly centered around content creation and partnerships. The last year, however, has shifted more towards how we can develop processes or capabilities that will deliver a mass of content pieces for any given client in a calendar year.

“Basically we build a platform, which uses personal profiles to understand personal affinities and preferences,” Savic says of the work that MediaCom is doing. “Merge that with a DCO platform that creates a combination of facets to personalize an ad for every single person.”

Savic believes that technology is now in a place where we’re capable of delivering on this; we’re now using technology to enhance the purpose of a brand.

“This belief that we should create and own our technology,” says Savic. “I think we went away from that because that’s not the business we’re in. We’re in the business of creating the best possible solutions for our clients and partnering with anyone who is in the latest and greatest rank.”

As far as expanding this creative capability, Savic, sees both an opportunity and a client need in many often-overlooked areas. Many companies are delivering at the very top, meaning TV campaigns and ads, and on the very bottom, such as programmatic ads and display, but ignoring everything in between—social, cultural outreach, purpose-driven advertising, all of it was never quite there. Savic hopes to fill that void in order to be relevant in today’s media landscape.

Reaching a large audience and repeating a message over and over just isn’t enough anymore, and Savic is noticing that with the clients that approach them. He’s finding that DCO is a big element moving forward, as well as opportunities in sports and advertising, and having a clearly communicated purpose.

“Especially when it comes to millennials and younger people,” says Savic. “They want you to know them by name and they expect you to create advertising that is meaningful to them that talks to them, and communication for brands that goes beyond ‘this is my product or service and this is the price we hope you’re willing to pay.’”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of advanced TV at CES 2020 presented by Amobee and hosted by GroupM Worldwide.  For more videos from the series, please visit this page.